Caravan and Motorhome TVs

12 volt caravan TVs, and Leisure equipment for your Caravan, Motorhome, Boat, Truck or Horsebox


All of our 12v dc motorhome and caravan TVs also play DVDs. We sell high quality truck television displays providing your family and friends with all the entertainment needed in the evenings after a hard day exploring. These 12 volt / 240v caravan TVs are everything you need in a compact, lightweight package, giving you the best of both worlds. Choose the model that best suits you and your family and buy online or over the phone on 01594 888 007 today.

Caravan and Motorhome TVs

Why we sell Avtex Caravan TVs

We can supply any 12 volt Caravan TV you require for the best prices available in the market. From 16″ LED screens to 32″ LED screens all running on 12 volt to 24v and 240 volt mains.

Avtex have been designing and manufacturing top of the range LED TVs in the United Kingdom for over 10 years and are one of the most innovative brands in Europe. They excel at designing and producing affordable LED DVD 12v televisions with pioneering new technologies, ideal for use as your new marine television.

For your peace of mind Avtex run a setup and technical support line to ensure that you are 100% happy with the running of your caravan TV. Here at acdctv we also have an experienced technical team with many years of experience dealing in the leisure industry. Customer service is our number one priority so we are always available for technical advice.


Caravan and Motorhome TVs

We are an approved Avtex Dealer!

Avtex 12v Dual voltage Caravan TVs

We can supply any Avtex caravan TV model or product that you require. Avtex marine TV and truck TV models in stock now include:
The DVB-S2 HD Satellite 12v TV with DVD and USB input. Our brand new range of 12 volt TVs have an integrated satellite receiver, meaning your caravan television no longer needs to connect to a satellite receiver box. Just plug your satellite cable into the HD Satellite TV and enjoy endless free to air satellite channels. The in-built satellite receiver is available in the 16″ model: W165DRS and the 18.5″ model: L186DRS. These caravan tvs also feature an integrated DVD player as well as the USB input, PVR record and playback.L186DR 18.5″ Ultra Slim LED TV / DVD player. The W165DRS is Avtex’s most popular model 16″ caravan TV/DVD.

We also stock the Avtex STH1000 Digital Omnidirectional caravan TV aerial that is tried and tested by ourselves to work in places that other aerials will never find signal, complete with mounts and a 12v dc signal booster to improve picture quality and signal strength on your 12 volt television.