Avtex SB195BT Soundbar - Completing Your Caravan Cinema

soundbar front

The new Avtex soundbar represents a first in the leisure industry, offering high-definition audio in a mobile environment, powered on 12V, 24V or 240V. There are two schools of thought here, some may be dismissive of the need for a soundbar in a caravan or motorhome, and that's an understandable perspective at face value, but to me it seems like shame to invest in the best mobile television system on the market and not make the most of it.

There’s nothing wrong with the audio built-in to an Avtex television, but an entertainment system isn’t a ‘nothing wrong with it’ kind of purchase, when you buy premium electronics it’s not just for reliability, it’s for performance, and the difference in performance between built-in TV speakers and a dedicated soundbar is always going to be a significant one. You simply can’t fit the kind of audio power a soundbar offers into a flat screen TV.

Putting the cost into perspective, you could pay a similar amount of money for a decent stand-alone Bluetooth speaker and not have the TV connections and sound quality you’ll find on the SB195BT, which performs both roles admirably. In addition to taking over the audio work from your television and being accessible as a Bluetooth speaker, you can plug a USB storage device such as a memory stick or hard-drive directly into the back of the soundbar for access to an mp3 collection, play CDs via the TV and make the most of Freeview’s radio channels.

If like us at Capital Outdoors, you enjoy a good film then odds are you’ll understand how vital sound can be in making or breaking your immersion in what’s happening on-screen – you wouldn’t attend the cinema and settle for a huge screen complemented by a pair of desktop stereo speakers, you expect to hear every pin-drop, dialogue or explosion in booming crystal clear tones, and TV at home and on the move is no different – you want that same clarity, albeit at a lower volume. You might have watched dozens of films on rainy evenings in a caravan or motorhome over the years, but you won’t ever have watched one quite like this


  • Simple setup
  • Compact design matching Avtex 9 Series televisions
  • Four-speaker driver system providing superior tonal range
  • 3 EQ settings
  • USB input for direct play
  • 12V, 24V, 240V power options
  • Size: W436 x H68 D46mm
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Power output: 2 x 10W
  • Power consumption: 12V 0.75A / 24V 0.42A


With the selection of connectivity options available to the Avtex SB195BT it should be compatible with most televisions, but one of the great additions to the new Avtex 9 Series range is a HDMI ARC port. If that seems like abbreviated gibberish, ultimately it means getting the best performance from your soundbar and enabling control of it via your TV, rather than as a separate device.

If you already own an Avtex TV and are considering adding the soundbar, the info below should give you an idea of how to connect your 12v TV. Please note that all 3 cables required are supplied with the Avtex soundbar.

soundbar connections

Avtex 9 Series

  • HDMI ARC (Recommended)
  • Coaxial Audio
  • Headphone to Auxiliary

Avtex 8 Series

  • Coaxial Audio (Recommended)
  • Headphone to Auxiliary

Avtex 7 Series

  • Coaxial Audio (Recommended)
  • Headphone to Auxiliary

Avtex 6 Series

  • Coaxial Audio (Recommended)
  • Headphone to Auxiliary

Avtex 5 Series and earlier

  • Headphone to Auxiliary


If you’re not sure which Avtex TV series your TV belongs to, you can check the model number – this is usually on the back of the TV, on the original box, and more than likely on your original order, if you still have the paperwork. From 5 series onwards the series number will be the third number – ie, L188DRS is 8 Series, L185DR is 5 Series.


If you’re looking to wall mount your Avtex TV and you’re worried about how you’re going to keep the soundbar together with it on the wall, there’s no need for concern – Avtex supply a bracket with the SB195BT soundbar that uses the same screw-holes as the stand supplied with the TV, so once you’ve removed this (you’re not going to need it on the wall), you can mount the soundbar in its place. Find out more about our full range of TV wall brackets.

Avtex TV and Soundbar


  • Remote Control
  • AAA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual
  • Power Adaptor
  • 12V/24V Vehicle Connector
  • 240V Mains Connector
  • Auxiliary Connection Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Bracket For Mounting To TV
  • Screws (2)


  • Power Supply: AC100-240V~50/60Hz
  • Power Adapter: 12V (0.75A)/24V (0.42A)
  • 10 Watt
  • Power Consumption (standby mode): < 0.5 Watt
  • Input Sensitivity: 700mVrms
  • High Frequence Speaker Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Main Speaker Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • S/N(A Weight): 80dB
  • Power Consumption:
  • Power Output: 10W x 2
  • THD(1kHz, 1W): 0.5%
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz~20KHz
  • Dimensions: 436 x 68 x 46mm
  • Bluetooth version: V2.1 + EDR
  • Work range: 10 metres
  • Transmission frequency: 2.402~2.480GHz
  • Protocols: A2DP/AVRCP