Avtex L168DRS 16" Widescreen Super Slim LED TV with Freeview HD for Caravan Motorhome

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  • DVB-T2 HD through aerial High definition freeview digital tuner
  • DVB-S2 HD Built In Satellite Tuner
  • Integrated DVD/CD player and Digital Radio
  • Pause / Playback live TV / Instant record to USB
  • Timer record to USB or HDD from programme guide (EPG)
  • AQT Avtex one button tuning system (ideal for touring)

Product Details:

With the DRS range from Avtex you can receive HD satellite TV channels without using an additional receiver, free of charge. Keep your Caravan, Motorhome, Boat, Horsebox or Truck free from clutter and unnecessary cables, simply plug in the cable from your dish.The Avtex L168DRS has high definition picture quality, inbuilt HD freeview, a built in DVB-S2 tuner allowing you to enjoy HD satellite TV without an extra receiver, built-in DVD player, all important HDMI input, computer monitor in (VGA), audio and RF in, CI compatible slot and USB media center with media player - allowing recording and playback of your multimedia files.The connectivity and entertainment options that this 12 volt television offers creates the ideal family 12v TV whilst away in your Caravan, Motorhome, Horsebox or Boat. As well as the USB Media center, this set provides you with a DVD player that loads on the right hand side of the screen (as you look at it). 

This 12volt TV set is in a class of it's own. The inbuilt DVB-S2 tuner is unique and top of the range, receiving high definition digital satellite TV. Just simply plug your satellite cable into the back of the TV set like you would an aerial.

Please see the full specs tab above to find out more about the inclusive features within this great unit.

Perfect for your 12 volt caravan tv, motorhome tv or for use in your boat, truck etc, as they are truly portable. Of course when you have finished holidaying you can use this television indoors in the kitchen, bedroom or office when you need, using the 240v (mains) power supply which is included as standard in the box. The 12 volt regulation system for these TVs is built in to the back of the unit, so they only require a simple 'straight-through' lead.We are aware that power consumption is very important when deciding what electrical equipment to use in your Caravan / Motor home. The lower the power consumption - the better. These sets are designed to use the minimum power on 12v DC when playing a DVD, this means extra life for your leisure battery. Of course we supply the standard mains power supply if you have a hook-up on your caravan site/pitch and don't want to run off 12 volt.