Caravan Sat Nav - Start In The Right Direction

Illustration of car towing caravanCaravan sat navs have become an essential for every camper, caravanner & motorhome driver, setting you in the right direction for your next adventure, but there are a few things to consider before you get started.

How important is where you position your motorhome sat nav on your windscreen? Though there’s no legislation stating specifically where the system should be located, the spot most convenient for you may not be the best place to put it.

We’ve therefore got some top tips to make sure it's positioned correctly and you're using it safely!

Clear View

The most essential part of positioning a caravan satnav is ensuring it’s not blocking your view of the road or mirrors; according to the highway code: ‘all windscreens and windows must be kept clean and free from obstruction to vision.’

This also applies to any other devices you might be placing on your windscreen, such as a reversing camera screen, dash cam or Bluetooth hands-free kit. You can save yourself valuable dashboard or windscreen space by investing in a satnav that has these features built-in, such as the Avtex Tourer One Plus.

Making use of specialist holders for your satnav that attach it to air vents can help prevent obstruction, or if placing it on your windscreen then the bottom right or left corner will ensure it’s out of view while driving.

No Trailing Wires

You must make sure when using a motorhome satnav there are no wires trailing across the steering wheel or the handbrake as this could cause an obstruction when driving!

Set & Forget

Make sure you set your caravan satnav before you set off and don’t touch it while you’re driving, or if you need to adjust it then pull over and switch ignition off before you make the necessary changes. Many drivers get into trouble for messing around and meddling with the satnav while they’re driving.

Alternatively get one that works with voice commands - this will allow you to make changes without distracting yourself from the road! Our Avtex Tourer One and Tourer One Plus satnavs both support voice control. 

Turn It Up To Eleven

Make sure you can hear your satnav, so you can listen to instructions while concentrating on the road - you don’t want to have to keep glancing at your sat nav.

Illustration of motorhome

Pay Attention 

Make sure you don’t follow your satnav directions without taking in what you can see in front of you. Even the best satnav, as great a navigation tool as it might be, is no substitute for common sense. If you see a diversion sign, follow it instead of taking the road your satnav is directing you to take. Don’t be that camper, caravanner or motorhome driver having to reverse out of trouble because you were blindly following your satnav directions!

Update Your Satnav Regularly

Make sure to update your caravan satnav regularly, as roads can change up to 15% every year! Ensuring your device has the most recent mapping will help avoid taking the long way around because your satnav is missing new roads. To keep updates as simple as possible, invest in a system with WiFi built-in, eliminating the need to connect to a computer to get the latest mapping, such as the Avtex Tourer One.