Avtex Series 9 Pro: What's New?

Whether you’ve been mulling over the idea of investing in an Avtex television for the first time or considering an upgrade from the one you’ve got, the new Avtex Series 9 Pro TVs have arrived and are full of reasons to take the plunge.

Avtex tend to leave a couple of years between major range updates, and Series 9 Pro is exactly that – the jump from Series 8 to Series 9 Pro is much more significant than that of Series 7 to Series 8, which aside from a cosmetic change to the stand, mostly provided under-the-hood updates to further future-proof the sets for touring the continent. This considered, there’s no better time to buy-in than now as you’re unlikely to miss out on any upcoming new features for quite a while.

New design

The most immediately obvious change is the appearance – Avtex Series 9 Pro is the largest design update Avtex have made since Series 7 was launched several years ago, and it looks fantastic. The new Avtex Series 9 TVs have just about the slimmest bezel possible and the design is polished off nicely with a brushed aluminium strip beneath the screen, matching the removable stand.

Avtex Series 9

New size

The new Avtex Series 9 Pro range also offers a new screen size. The new Avtex 19.5" TV DVD (screen measured corner to corner) offers a tidy solution to those of us who aren’t quite sure we’ve got room for the larger Avtex 21.5” TV DVD or indeed the Avtex 24" TV DVD, but felt left a little wanting by an 18.5” option – it might not seem like much, but when space is at a premium a couple of millimetres can make a big difference, and the edge-to-edge screen of the ultra-compact L199DRS PRO could offer that little extra justification to upgrade from an older and bulkier 16” TV when space is at a premium.


Another leading feature new with Avtex Series 9 Pro is the addition of multi-tuner technology. This is a feature that I’ve been asked a lot about in previous years, particularly at the NEC – the first question when describing the TV recording functionality is almost always whether you can watch one channel while recording another. Well, now you can, and it works across tuners, so you’re not limited to watching one Freeview channel while recording another – you can watch a Freeview channel while recording a satellite channel or vice-versa, so there’s no need to fight over the remote. You can even record a channel while watching a DVD.


There are also some changes to connectivity with the Avtex Series 9 Pro, the most notable of which is the addition of a HDMI ARC port to facilitate the new Avtex SB195BT soundbar. The soundbar will offer previous sets a remarkable sound upgrade via coaxial audio or even a standard audio jack (and cables for all 3 options are included with the soundbar), but connection to an Avtex Series 9 TV via HDMI ARC will yield the most impressive results.

Avtex TV & Soundbar

If high quality audio is something you’ve been wishing for in a caravan TV, look no further – the combination of an Avtex Series 9 Pro TV and an Avtex SB195BT soundbar is as good as it gets, plus the soundbar can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to connect other devices and play music wirelessly. Combine this with playing CDs via the TV and you’ve got a complete entertainment system in your caravan or motorhome.