Maxview Target MXL017 Fully Automatic Satellite Dishes - 65cm & 85cm - Single/Twin LNB

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Size Clear filters

Product Details:

The Maxview Target MXL017 features five pre-programmed satellites as standard (ASTRA 1, 2, 3, Hotbird & Thor)* with an easy-to-use, wired control box and an 'Easy adjust' manual skew system. The average search time for satellite acquisition is typically 30-60 seconds and the optional twin LNB model is ideal for use with PVR's, SKY+™, or having two receivers in different positions, enabling you to watch two different channels at the same time. Like all satellite systems sold by acdctv, the Maxview Target is compatible with any SD and HD satellite receivers including SKY. The MXL017 is designed for permanent mounting, but can be transferred to another vehicle and has a comprehensive 3 year warranty. A low, stream-lined profile means that the MXL017 fully-automatic satellite system is 17cm high in the parked position and it has an all-weather-resistant construction.

Future proof design:

Periodically all automatic satellite systems may require an update to enable them to lock on to the selected signal. Maxview have designed the Target with this in mind making it easy for you to update. Simply load new software onto a USB stick and insert into the control box. Your system is then upgraded to locate and lock onto the new satellite settings.